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LevelRequirementsFree BonusVIP Bonus
Level 10 exchanges50 Coins100 Coins
Level 2500 exchanges75 Coins150 Coins
Level 32,000 exchanges100 Coins200 Coins
Level 45,000 exchanges150 Coins300 Coins
Level 510,000 exchanges200 Coins400 Coins
Level 620,000 exchanges250 Coins500 Coins
Level 735,000 exchanges300 Coins600 Coins
Level 860,000 exchanges350 Coins700 Coins
Level 9100,000 exchanges400 Coins800 Coins
LevelRequirementsFree BonusVIP Bonus
Free Bonus = Daily bonus received by users with Free Membership!
VIP Bonus = Daily bonus received by users with VIP Membership!